wickstudios.la Los Angeles Photo Studio Rental



WICK offers custom packages and is one of the few professional photo studios offering a 3 hour minimum short day rate. In addition we allow photographers/filmmakers the option to rent equipment from us, bring their own gear, or both. 
We also work with rental houses in the area for those hard to find items or for shoots that require expendables. 


Hourly: $175 per hour
Half Day (6 hours):  $750 per day
Three Quarters Day (9 hours):  $1125 per day
Full Day (12hours):  $1500 per day
Prep/Strike Day (9 hours):  $750 per day
Overtime: $200 per hour

*These rates do not include equipment rental or additional studio services.
*CYC/cove repainting is done prior to every booking and included in above rates.
*We do not charge extra for electricity.
*We offer discounted rates to students and first-time customers. Ask us!
*For special discounted rate, please mention where you saw the rate.


Under 5 hours: $1250 / day  
Half Day: $1500 / 6 hours  
3/4 DAY: $1750 / 9 hours  
Full Day: $2000 / 12 hours


*Above rates may vary depending on attendance. Please call or e-mail us for a precise estimate.
*Please know in advance, to protect our cove from wear and tear we cover it with wall to wall black carpet. 
Should you require a full white cove please let us know in advance and we can discuss options.

All Rates Subject to Change