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WICK Studios offers a hip, yet cozy vibe and is a great place to impress your clients on your next photo or video shoot. Heck, your crew will love it too! 

Our versatile facility serves as an ideal studio for fashion, editorial, product, advertising, and celebrity photo shoots, and as a films, commercials, music videos, interviews, tv shows, and web content video productions stage.

Our 2500sqft 2-story space also serves as a secure and intimate event venue for hosting your next private gathering, casting, art exhibition, product demo, seminar, workshop, casting, album release and/or live recorded music event. In addition to venue rental, we also rent out state of the art photography equipment and offer digital capturing and retouching services. We are a ONE-STOP creative studio.

We take pride and pleasure in providing a friendly, professional experience and we have a true appreciation for our clients. We are open around the clock, 24/7/365 days a year, providing our clients with the maximum flexibility when it comes to booking. 

Our clients include both established, and "up and coming" photographers, videographers, creative agencies, producers, magazine publishers and film makers, many who work with the best BTS crews in the business. Based on your needs, we can also hire for you the industry's top photographers, videographers, assistants, digital technician, wardrobe/hair and make-up stylists, and set designers.

The creative energy at WICK is great, and we hope you will help us continue to keep it flowing. 





Our Rock 'n Roll History

WICK Studios is located in the same building once home to the legendary Radio Recorders Annex (R.R.A), Sunset Highland Recordings, and most famously TTG Studios, where seminal recording artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Doors, The Velvet Underground, Alice Cooper, The Monkees, The Mothers of Invention, Eire Apparent, Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, Barbara Streisand, Bing Crosby, Little Feat, Eric Burdon & The Animals, and many others recorded. A list of records known to be produced at TTG can be found on its wikipedia page


Legendary sound engineerings and pioneers

Established by Amnon "Ami" Hadani and Tom Hidley, TTG was founded on June 8, 1965. The studio was notable as one of the first to be equipped with a 16-track Ampex tape recorder at a time when 4-track recording was still the norm. Due to its high decibel level threshold, the studio became popular with the up-and-coming rock musicians of that time. Jimi Hendrix, who was introduced by Eric Burdon to the studio, "raved" about the studio's sound and is a patron-saint to our studio.

good vibes

Why is it important for you to know this about WICK? The legendary musical history is one reason photographers, filmmakers, photo editors and niche event planners love booking with us. The energy still resonates and the creativity lends itself as inspiration to some of the top creative minds in the world. The vibe endorses the perfect atmosphere for an intimate event.


Jimi Hendrix at TTG4.jpg

lets connect

We would love to connect with music historians to learn more about Radio Recorders Annex, Sunset Highland Recordings, and TTG Studios. If you are one, or know one please have them email us at info@wick.la.

More than just a space to shoot.


Included Amenities

• All white industrial 2500 square feet open loft space with grey large square polished tile flooring adjacent to the cyc wall.
• Cyclorama wall: 24’ W x 15’ D x 17’ H2
• 17ft vaulted high ceiling
• 60amp Bates cable plug (female)
• Natural daylight with black floor to ceiling curtains, and blackout capability
• 2 complimentary parking spaces in our private lot (more spaces available at $10/space/day)
• Lot provides additional private shooting space
• Easy ground floor loading access
• Kitchenette w/ Keurig K575 coffee maker, Primo Water Dispenser, microwave, toaster and refrigerator.
• Makeup and hair station w/ daylight balanced large vanity.
• Wardrobe area / changing room w/ rolling garment racks, and prep table
• PureSteam duo iron & pressurized heavy duty 1600W garment steamer
• Second floor client area and upstairs lounge
• 2 Bathrooms (1 with shower)
• High speed Wi-Fi internet access
• Sound dampening walls
• Apple AirPlay 600W surround sound system (Ground Floor)
• Bose 901 Series VI w/ Bose Equalizer sound system (Upper Floor)
• Sony 52-inch 240hz HD cable television
• On site studio manager to assist all needs
• Central AC system
• Pet friendly

Lera Pentelute by J. Ryan Ulsh4.jpg

Clean CYC Wall

Each client starts with a freshly painted cyc

The cyc is repainted before and after your shoot and the cost is inclusive in our rates. Upon request, we will serve just one client per day to allow possibility of overtime.

Olga Kurylenko9.jpg

Grip and Miscellaneous Items

All the big and little things

Whether it's a-clamps, v-flats, c-stands, apple boxes, reflectors, flags, silk, backdrops, ladders, stingers, magliner, fans, folding tables, folding chairs and stools. We have it all. If there is something else you need, just ask us, and we will try our best to acquire and have it ready for you.

Stephanie Corneliussen.jpg


Here to help

We maintain one staff member on site to ensure your shoot runs smoothly and that you are well taken care of. Should you require first or second assistants, we have a full roster of experienced professional available for hire.


Digital Technicians

Just shoot

If you are a tethered shooter and need digital technicians, let us know. We work with the best digital technicians in the industry. Should you need an external monitor or an iMac, we have that too.


WICK Studios is fully stocked with Profoto lighting and grip equipment on site. We have enough equipment on-site for most photo shoots. We offer competitive a la carte rates, and unbeatable package rates. Unlike most studios, we also allow you to bring in your own equipment if you choose. If we don't have what you are looking for in house, we can procure it for you from one of our rental house partners and have it ready for you here at our studio at the beginning of your shoot.


Profoto Packs and Strobes

3 - Profoto 7A 2400 Packs
3 - Profoto 7A Heads w/ Reflector
3 - Profoto 7A Heads Extension 5-Meter
1 - Profoto Pro Ringflash w/ Reflector, Diffuser & Camera Bracket
1 - Profoto Acute Ringflash w/ Reflector, Diffuser & Camera Bracket
4 - Acute 2R 2400 Packs
9 - Acute Flash Heads w/ Reflector
1 - Acute Head Extension 5-Meter
14 - Profoto 7" Zoom Reflectors
2 - Profoto 7" Grid Reflectors
2 - Profoto Pro Disk Reflectors (Umbrella) 
1 - Profoto 50 Magnum Reflectors
1 - Profoto 32 Narrow Beam Reflectors
2 - Profoto Softlight Reflectors (White Beauty Dish) 
2 - Profoto Softlight Reflectors (Silver Beauty Dish) 
2 - Profoto 20" Softlight Grids (25 Degrees)
1 - Profoto 18" Grid (For Narrow Beam / Magnum) 
2 - Grid Sets 7" (10,20,30,40 Degrees)

Lightbanks & Umbrellas

5 - Profoto Umbrellas White Medium 41" 
2 - Profoto Umbrellas White Small 34" 
1 - Photoflex Umbrella Large 60" Convertible
2 - Chimera X-Small Lightbanks (16x22) 
2 - Chimera Small Lightbanks (24x32) 
2 - Chimera Medium Lightbanks (36x48) 
2 - Chimera Large Lightbanks (54x72) 
2 - Chimera Small Stripbanks (9x36) 
2 - Chimera Medium Stripbanks (14x56) 
2 - Chimera Large Stripbanks (21x84) 
1 - Elinchrom 6' Octabank w/ Profoto Speedring
2 - Chimera Speedrings for Profoto 


2 - Pocket Wizard Transceivers
2 - Pocket Wizard Receivers
1 - Chelsea (Uncle Sam) Beach Umbrella
1 - APC Smart-Ups 1500
1 - APC Backup XS 900
1 - Fog Machine Roscoe 1500
1 - Set of 8 Motorola Walkies w/ Docking Station 


8 - C-Stands w/arms
2 - Mini Boom
1 - Bogen Superboom (Silver)
2 - Medium Rollers
1 - Turtle Base
5 - Light Stands
1 - Bogen Tripod w/ gear head 3051
1 - Bogen Pro Dolly 3156 (For Tripod) 
1 - 9ft Crossbar
1 - 12x12 Travel Frame
1 - 12x12 Silk
1 - 12x12 Solid Black Duvatine
1 - 12x12 Kit (Frame, Silk, 2 Stands) 
1 - Small Flag 12x18
1 - Medium Flag 18x24
6 - 25ft Stingers
1 - Magliner w/ Shelf
15 - Sandbags 10/25 lbs 


Rent everything above for just $500!

Other Items

1 - Manfrotto Megaboom w/ Avenger Crank Stand ($40)
1 - Avenger Crank Stand ($40)
2 - DeSisti Leonardo 5K Fresnel 12”, Mod to fit ANY strobe ($75 ea.)
2 - DeSisti Leonardo 2K Fresnel, Stand Mount - 10" ($20 ea.)

Camera and Lenses

1 - Canon 1DX Mark 2 Body ($250)
1 - Sony A7R IV 61mp Body ($350)
1 - Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART (EF Mount) ($40)
1 - Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART (EF Mount) ($40)
1 - Sigma 85mm f1.4 ART (EF Mount) ($45)
1 - Sigma 24-35mm f2 ART (EF Mount) ($30)
1 - Sigma 105mm f1.4 ART (EF Mount) ($40)
1 - Sigma MC-11 Adapter (EF lens to Sony E-Mount) ($20)


1 - 27" iMac Slim Retina pre-loaded w/ Capture One, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC - Tether Ready ($250)
1 - 30" Apple Cinema Display ($150)

*Above equipment are for in-studio use only.
* Camera and lenses are subject to availability, reserve in advance.



WICK offers custom packages and is one of the few professional photo studios offering a 3 hour minimum short day rate. In addition we allow photographers/filmmakers the option to rent equipment from us, bring their own gear, or both. 
We also work with rental houses in the area for those hard to find items or for shoots that require expendables. 


Hourly: $175 per hour
Half Day (6 hours):  $750 per day
Three Quarters Day (9 hours):  $1125 per day
Full Day (12hours):  $1500 per day
Prep/Strike Day (9 hours):  $750 per day
Overtime: $200 per hour

*These rates do not include equipment rental or additional studio services.
*CYC/cove repainting is done prior to every booking and included in above rates.
*We do not charge extra for electricity.
*We offer discounted rates to students and first-time customers. Ask us!
*For special discounted rate, please mention where you saw the rate.


Under 5 hours: $1250 / day  
Half Day: $1500 / 6 hours  
3/4 DAY: $1750 / 9 hours  
Full Day: $2000 / 12 hours


*Above rates may vary depending on attendance. Please call or e-mail us for a precise estimate.
*Please know in advance, to protect our cove from wear and tear we cover it with wall to wall black carpet. 
Should you require a full white cove please let us know in advance and we can discuss options.


Rates Above Reflect Check Payment. Rates for Credit Card Payment is 3.5% higher.
All Rates Subject to Change

We are conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood.


WICK Studios is on the corner of Highland and Sunset, just a couple blocks away from the Dolby Theater, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood Bowl, Pantages Theater, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

For those who are traveling, there are several lodging accommodations in the area with prices that fit all budgets. In addition, we are located in close proximity to many great restaurants and cafes. There are also plenty of camera and equipment rental houses nearby. We can also work with you to arrange on-site catering, or craft services. Should you need last minute miscellaneous items, there is a Rite Aid just steps away from our building.

The main entrance to the Studio is through the back door on the east side of the building right after the entrance to the Chic-fil-A drive-thru at 1441 McCadden Place. All-day parking is provided free in the secure lot for 2 cars. Additional spaces within our lot are available at $10/space/day (up to 6 additional cars).

Temporary parking for quick load-in is in the front of the studio entrance on Highland Avenue. Full load-in is best accomplished through the back entrance inside the secure lot.

There is also free 2-hour limit street parking all day outside on McCadden Pl. as well as metered parking along Highland Avenue.  Should you need valet services, we can recommend our preferred vendors.

Please contact the studio manager in person or at (323) 482-1004 for access and further directions once you arrive at WICK Studios.


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